The band involve a group of three accomplished musicians from Zagreb gathered around the first lo-fi/electro-acoustic project started by Zoran Vujanović who is known for his space-rock band "Pars Petrosa" and live electro band "Tannu Tuwa".

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Mersiha messiha

spatializing preceding  framework for questions related to corporeality, citizenship & hegemony in the field of dance and beyond

messiha's practice deepens the connections between the moving body, sound, choreography and social structures in the globalized world. It connects choreographic inquiry with the transglobal concern of immigration and questions of inclusion, nationalism, xenophobia, racism and hegemony in the field of dance.

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Tannu Tuwa

A member of individuals having the interest for exploring the limitless musical landscape. Experimenting with acoustic and electronic approach, Tannu Tuwa reaches deep into an untapped resource of infinite auditive phenomena in the same way that Richard Feynman pursued his curiosity for exploring the unknown land of Tannu Tuwa.

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The Hunting Dogs

The Hunting Dogs were born in 2013 after Alba Nacinovich and Marco Germini met during their jazz studies at the Conservatoire of Trieste (Italy) and smelled a common propensity towards wider musical horizons.

Marco brings his experience in electronic music and film scoring, Alba brings her rock roots and a songwriter’s approach, while from jazz they borrow the freedom of playing with sounds. That’s how their “electro-shocked pop” comes to life, and they perform it live using live-looping techniques, electronic and acoustic instruments (modular synthesizer, drum machine, guitar, keyboards, percussions, harmonizer, etc.).

The Hunting Dogs

Pars Petrosa

Formed: 2005. by Pars
Genre: Psychedelic rock, progressive, experimental, true&gypsy
Influence: life, human nature, Balkan, everything thats beyond our beliefs
Gigs: natural antibiotic we take to preserve flu
Intention: clean ourselves the bugs and dedicate ourselves in what we know best (creating music to hunt feelings)
Hidden message: doesnt exist
Members: Nicola Sinkovic, Zoran Vujanovic & u
Location: beautiful country with absent minded people

Jedi Jet aka LAZO (Berlin)

After listening to avant-garde music from an early age, the path led Ivica Lazareviec to become involved in music. Turntables, synthesizers and drum machines became his natural environment which had formed him as an artist. After a successful collaboration with Luka Cipek on various projects including „Luka&Lazo“ they have made their alter ego „Jedi Jet“. A few years ago, inspired by the love for the vinyl and playing live, he started a DJ career as DJ Lazo.

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Embrio Studio & Production

Embrio Production is an independent production company located in Zagreb, Croatia and specialized in the field of sound production and post-production for film, music and interactive programs. Members of Embrio Production Collaborators Team are long-time soundmen, engineers and sound designers with an extensive experience in film production.

The main area of interest is focused on the synthesis of new and classic technologies, and its creative application on film projects.

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Big Yellow House

We live music&people

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